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[IPp] Re: Sick days on the pump

> <<As I'm sure most kids with DM
> do, he sleeps through b.g. checks & correction boluses &
> can eat glucose tabs or drink juice without fully waking as well.>>

Is this really true??  I mean that you think most kids sleep through bg 
checks?  Why do I always have to have a child who is "different"?
Everyone has always said that Claire will sleep through bg checks--well 5 
years later it just isn't happening.  Only if she was drugged and even then, 
maybe not.  On morphine after surgery, with one arm completely taped up with 
IVs, I went down to the ICU at 4 a.m. and she still woke and insisted on 
doing it herself, which was not easy in the circumstances.
     Sleeping through bg checks?  It'll never happen for Claire.  Count 
yourselves lucky on that one if your child does! 
Best wishes,
Barbara, Mum of Claire, born 4/94, Dx 4/97, pumping 4/01 
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