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[IPp] re: Mixing insulins - Novolog didn't change rate

<<From: "Barb and Duck" <email @ redacted>
I have been reading quite a few posts about Novolog use in the pump.  One of
them was probably from you :)  Did you find that insulin needs decreased with
the use of Novolog?>>

Guess I should answer that last question too - no, Luke's basals stayed at the
same rate when we converted to Novolog.  We had to tweak the early morning
(rate increased) & the evening ones (rate dropped).  Carb ratio & correction
stayed the same.  We changed over in Oct. 2001, and Luke has used 15-20 units
total daily insulin consistently since late March 2001 when we first got his
basals set well.

Shelly V (email @ redacted), mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01 (MM508
+ QuickSets + Novolog)

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