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[IPp] re: Mixing insulins - Novolog change

<<From: "Barb and Duck" <email @ redacted>
I have been reading quite a few posts about Novolog use in the pump.  One of
them was probably from you :)  Did you find that insulin needs decreased with
the use of Novolog?>>

I wouldn't be surprised if you read a post or a few from me about Novolog in
the pump!  I thought mixing insulin was no big deal, since we've done it in
some form or another since Luke was dx'd, but wow, it is just easier to not
have to do that step.  Plus I'm such a huge fan of Novolog for 2 big reasons
for Luke (which of course may not apply to others - YMMV): it eliminated his
site sensitivity & it has reduced the likelihood of ketone development.  On
Humalog & even the Humalog/Regular mix (5:1 ratio, then went to 4:1), his sites
had an increasing daily average - first day was great, 2nd okay, and 3rd was
higher.  On Novolog, his 3 - 4 days are "steady" - there is no trend from the
site.  His sites heal faster & Novolog just seems to absorb better in Luke -
his endo agrees.  On Humalog, if he had a b.g. of 240 [mg/dL] then he would
show ketones.  
On Novolog, he can have a b.g. of 412 (like he did this afternoon when a belly
site went bad) and not show ketones.

I think that if you are using Humalog & have no problems with it & are happy
with it, you should stick with it - why try another experiment if you don't
have to?  But for us, we weren't satisfied & it's been a relief to fix another
set of problems.  The only real pump issue we struggle with now is Luke's very
lean abdomen which seems to bend a lot of cannulas whether from QuickSet's
90degree angles or Sils shallower angle.  Plus his relatively small body size
makes those "keep the sites at least 1 inch apart" mean that he doesn't have as
many sites available as an adult.  I'm sure all of you struggle with that piece

Feel free to email me directly if you want more Novolog experience details.  I
know Michael's Lily converted + Sylvia's Josh & those experiences encouraged us
to convert last October.  
Shelly V (email @ redacted), mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01 (MM508
+ QuickSets + Novolog)

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