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[IPp] Re: mood swings

In a message dated 2/16/2002 10:24:19 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> My daughter was always really easy going -- from when she was a baby until 
> about 9 months before diagnosis.  Then, it was like all the stories you 
> hear 
> about teens -- only she was a 9 year old instead of 13 or 15.  Mood swings 
> like I couldn't believe -- From angry & mouthy to crying & miserable in the 
> blink of an eye.   Even after dx, we couldn't tie the swings to her BG 
> levels 
> - -- it was just as crazy-making for her as it was for me.  
> But, it was literally days after she started pumping that she said that (1) 
> "I'm NEVER going back to shots!" and (2) "I didn't know diabetes made me 
> feel 
> so crappy until I didn't feel crappy any more!" . . . And I got my 
> easy-going 
> daughter back.  
> So, along with better A1c's, fewer lows, and a more normal life, pumping 
> was 
> also a "cure" for the mood swings that *I* attrribute to the daily BG 
> swings 
> that were a part of the inevitable peaks and valleys of her BG levels that 
> came along with the NPH . . .
> Lyndy
> Pumpmama to Katie, happily pumping with her Animas pump "Elvis" since 

Hi Lyndy,
  This is exactly how Ashley was too.  Her doctor told me that he thinks 
diabetics start puberty earlier too.  So I think it is a battle of prepuberty 
& wacky blood sugars.
I just know that once we got her numbers under control her attitude has 
improved.  Although I would not call Ashley easy going she is easier to live 
with now. LOL

 Kim...........Mom of Ashley 10 yrs old(diabetic for 5 years & pumping 
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