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[IPp] Re: Mood Swings

In a message dated 2/16/2002 10:24:19 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I'm curious about your daughters mood swings. My son 
> can be the most loving little boy and then turn into a 
> monster for no apparent reason. I am hoping the pump 
> will help smooth his emotions out. I have been told not 
> to expect any miracles but if it has helped other kids I 
> can still have a reason to hope!!
> Barb

Hi Barb,
  Just wanted to tell you that Ashley was also having terrible mood swings.  
Since being on the pump her swings are fewer.  We still have them but, not as 
bad.  At least we are not having the crying jags like we did before.
  It took us 5 months to get approval from insurance.  Then the pump was here 
within a week & we started pumping the next day.  It was alot of work but, 
well worth it.  The first month is the hardest.  After that it was like we 
had always been pumping.

 Kim...........Mom of Ashley 10 yrs old(diabetic for 5 years & pumping 
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