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[IPp] Gushers - another uncommon thing, but be prepared:)

For those of you who haven't yet heard of a gusher, you might want to be
prepared for if it does happen.  It is NOT a common occurrence. Although
terribly frightening when it happens, knowing what it is will alleviate the

What is a gusher?
This happened to Erica a few months into pumping and I was so thankful
somebody had mentioned it on the IP. Upon removal of Erica's 3 day old
infusion set, I saw a blob of blood literally plop out of the insertion hole.
It was then followed by the most amazing gush of blood I had ever seen!!  It
was like taking your finger out of the dike :)

Erica's hands couldn't stem the floor, paper towels did the trick finally, but
a large bruise was left as a reminder.  Because Erica and I both knew about
*gushers*, we were actually giddy when it happened because although we knew
what might happen we were not prepared for the amount of blood.  If I had not
known about them, I would have fainted, thinking Erica was going to bleed to
death LOL!

Thankfully, in 3 years of pumping, it has only happened once.  So, don't be
expecting a gusher any time soon,but if it does happen, don't panic, just grab
the paper towels:)

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