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[IPp] Novolog/Lipoatrophy

Marisa (12) has been using Novolog in her pump for about 2 months now.  We 
didn't change anything and all seems fine.  We had been using a 1:4 dilution 
of Humolog and Velosulin for quite a while.  Marisa has struggled with 
lipoatrophy which started after pumping about 20 months.  It's quite a rare 
condition (only 3 documented cases we've heard about) and very worrisome for 
us.  We've done lots of research and brainstorming with our team at Barbara 
Davis Center.  We've tried a variety of things including pumping straight 
Velosulin, Humalog with added steroids, Disetronic and now Minimed pumps 
(thinking the delivery system was less harsh), various sets to limit the 
trauma to the skin area, and now we are banking on help with the Novolog.  
All along I have felt that it was a sensitivity to something in the Humalog 
and since the Novolog composition is different we hope that she may not 
respond the same to it.  So far we can't tell if it is working as it takes 
several months for the lipoatrophy to begin to develop.  If any one on this 
list ever hears of another pumper with this problem. please let us know as we 
continually search for answers to this problem.
The good news is--- several severe areas of lipoatrophy on her abdominal area 
seem to be recovering some after a couple years.  This is very encouraging.  
Our hope is that some of the effected areas may regenerate enough to be used 
as infusion sites in the future.  Again, I stress that this is a very rare 
occurence and although other parents should be aware of the possibility, it 
should not be a great concern.  We are convinced that pumping is the way to 
go and even though we face this challenge, we continue to have a happy 

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