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[IPp] double pumper

Hi, Ya'll,
My 6 yr old has been pumping on an H-tron for 1 1/2 yrs now.  She was dxd at 
17 months.  We did very intensive management for 2 yrs before pumping, just 
cause I was scared.  Boy was it a great thing to start pumping. We all love 
the freedom of no MDI.  We use ellamax 5 to deaden the sites and pop it right 
in.  She uses Sof-Set Micros.
I am now a pumper also.  I was dxd as t1 on Jan 16, 2002.  I hooked up to her 
back-up pump 1 week later, and on Feb 13th got my Animas hooked up.  I use 
Quick Sets and like them much better than the micros, but she won't switch.  
boy do I love my Animas.  If I could afford it I would switch her asap.  

Lisa & my Nimbus 2000
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