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[IPp] Re: saline/pump start etc.

 Hello everyone my name is Barbi Lazarow.  I think that this IP POP list is
a great addition!
My youngest son Malcolm was dx when he was 2.5 and began pumping the week he
turned four -- June 1998.  He is now 7.5 yrs old.
He did a saline course for about 4 days and then went 'live' -- he has never
looked back!  We just switched from humalog to novolog last month.
I can totally relate to Barb's comments on her daughters mood swings -- WOW
we thought Malcolm had some real issues as his happy go lucky personality
went out the window about one yr before he was dx!
>From the point of the endo writing the RX  to getting the pump took about
one month-- the insurance approved in less than a week (shocked everyone).
Our difficulty was getting the pump company to "sell" us one due to his
age!-- boy have times changed. Thank Goodness!!!!!
He was on the minimed 507c and then last year he switched to the animas.
FYI: For those of you with young ones you can download a free book about
pumping from my mother's web site www.grandmasandy.com  I am sure your kids
will love it and enjoy sharing with there friends.  There are also free
diabetes games that you can download - my favorite is Diabetes pic-tac-toe.

I look forward to sharing and learning from everyone -- thanks to Michael
for starting this list!
Ciao, Barbi
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