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[IPp] Mixing insulins

Hi Shelly,

>In May 2001 we had site sensitivity problems, solved mostly by switching to
Humalog mixed with Regular (thank you Sylvia mom to Josh & Michael dad to
Lily), and completely solved in Oct. 2001 by switching to Novolog.<

We had the same problem with Erica, back in early 1999 and we too solved it by
mixing insulins - Michael's input of course <g>.  We are presently awaiting
the arrival of Novo Rapid (Novolog in the US) so we can introduce it to Erica.
Mixing is no big deal, but it would be nice to cut out that step.

I have been reading quite a few posts about Novolog use in the pump.  One of
them was probably from you :)  Did you find that insulin needs decreased with
the use of Novolog?

Barb Chafe
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