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[IPp] re: pump wait time

Regarding the pump wait time, I don't think ours was terribly long.  Luke had
an endo checkup in mid-Jan. 2001 & she asked if we were interested in pumping
as she thought it would be beneficial & that we could handle it from a testing
& carb counting standpoint.  We looked into the pumps, decided on Mini-Med,
contacted them beg. of Feb. and Mini-Med dealt with our insurance (at that time
it was PruCare HMO) to get the pump shipped to us on Feb. 14, 2001.  Luke's
pump start was March 5, 2001, to get scheduled with the pump trainer, so we had
2 weeks to play with the buttons, run water in it into Luke's "Mr. Sugar" (a
cloth gingerbread man kind of doll for practicing injections), and do some
infusion sites onto Mom the human guinea pig & Mr. Sugar.  On March 5, 2001, we
started on insulin.  By that night we thought it was the best thing in the
world.  Luke's opinion hasn't wavered since that day.  

We got the "Pumping Insulin" book in late March.  Get it even earlier if
possible - fabulous reference for exercise & those unused boluses that add up
in your kid & drop his b.g.

In April 2001 we had adhesion problems, solved immediately by switching from
SofSets to QuickSets.

In May 2001 we had site sensitivity problems, solved mostly by switching to
Humalog mixed with Regular (thank you Sylvia mom to Josh & Michael dad to
Lily), and completely solved in Oct. 2001 by switching to Novolog.

My older kids also thought Luke going on the pump was great because it freed up
their lives.  They give Luke great support by treating him exactly like they
always have - as their kid brother.  It helps keep us focused on the child more
than the diabetes.

To anyone considering pumping:  GO FOR IT.   We'll help you.
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01 & Trevor 11 & Kate 8

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