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Re: [IPp] Road to pumping

Hi Amy,

What a great idea:)  Our story is toooo long to post here, but if anyone is
interested in reading it, you can check it out on our website.  We were
pioneers in the pumping of children in our area (Nova Scotia, Canada), so had
to put up with a lot that others do not have to do now.  At least now most of
the insurance companies know what a pump is <g>  A consistent theme through
all the stories I have read over the years is the wish that caregivers of
diabetic children have.  They want them to live a healthy, normal lifestyle
and go to great lengths to make pumping a possibility.  Perhaps we should
compile these into a book and sell the book to the pumping companies!

Our story begins way way back, when a search on the internet led me to a
fellow in New York who had diabetes.  I was looking for information on
diabetes & children in particular.  This fellow had an acquaintance who had a
diabetic child and was interested in hearing from other parents.  This is how
we *met* the Hitchcocks who were just then starting up a new website called
CWD (sound familiar?).  Poor Brenda would be in their basement with a computer
that would keep crashing on her.  Jeff asked me to do a writeup on parenting a
child with diabetes and sent me a lovely t-shirt for my effort. As Jana Church
from Nova Scotia can attest, it is very worn out.   Through this site, and
internet connections we found KidsRPumping....the quest began in earnest then.
The support we received was overwhelming

If you want to read the BOOK <g>, you can link to my website through my addy

Barb Chafe
Insulin Pumpers Nova Scotia
Mom to Erica, a Canadian Butterfly
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