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[IPp] new to POP

I am a current member of insulin-pumpers digest and a former member of CWD digest.  I cancelled my CWD digest becasue reading anything became so frustrating because most people copied entire digests everytime they made a response.  As you try to read it took forever to find the "new" material" as entries were copied and forwarded so many times.  I would look at the start of the digest and see maybe 10 entries and the page would go on and on and on because everything is just repeated.  I am seeing that happen here on POP now too.   I will try this for a week or so, but I would hope that people would understand that you do not need to reply by copiying the entire digest, or even an entire entry you are responding to.  Simply highlight a small part and reply to that.  It will save space in all of our mailboxes.  

Jocelyn, Brian's mom 12 years old dx 7/1/99 pumping since 3/1/01
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