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RE: [IPp] Saline run

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There is NO such thing as too young!  D doesn't
discriminate by age and a pump can be beneficial to anyone struggling with
this disease!:O)  My son was not quite 5 when he started pumping, he lOVED
it and so did we.  He never liked shots and we could never get any kind of
control with MDI's.  We found the first 2 weeks difficult with pumping (that
was just for us btw, YMMV)with site problems, basal adjustments,
carb/insulin ratio figuring, etc.  However, it was still worth it and I'd
choose it over MDI's anyday.  Hang in there and we'll all be here rooting
you on!:O)

Take care,
Amy-mom to Tyler-8, Riley-6(dx'd 7-1-99&pumping 20mos), Mason-4, Cailin
Rose-almost 3, & Lane-2 mos
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