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Re: [IPp] how long a wait?

In a message dated 2/15/2002 5:25:54 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> we just waited a few weeks...pump arrived two weeks before start...but 
>  I think it was because I pushed so hard..

Yes, there are some benefits to being a squeaky wheel .  .  . or, at least in 
my case, the very vocal mom -- If I hadn't pushed as hard as I did (including 
demanding a change to an endo who would put kids under 13 on a pump), Katie 
wouldn't even have been considered for a pump for two more years! . . . Three 
and a half years on MDI and I can guarantee you I'd be paying so big therapy 
bills for her -- the injections were VERY stressful her (even though she did 
all her own injections after the first month because prefered to be in 
control) and the daily swings in her BGs (despite pretty good control were 
wrecking havoc on her emotions . . .

It took us 2 months to get insurance approval (our first request was denied). 
 We got our pump about 2 weeks after that and did our saline trial about 3 
weeks later(may a little longer, I can't rememeber now), followed by insulin 
start a week after that.

Pumpmama to Katie
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