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[IPp] The Canadian Butterfly

In a message dated 2/15/2002 4:41:39 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Erica is known as the Canadian Butterfly, because she went
>  from a caterpillar to a beautiful FREE butterfly once she went on the pump.
>  Name sort of stuck :)

So glad that you're here, Barb!   Your web site was truly inspiring to me 
when we first started looking into pumping (brought tears to my eyes and let 
me know that there were other options than the misery of MDI and a chance at 
a much better quality of life!).  In the first month after my daughter was 
diagnosed, our original endo turned us down three times re: pumping saying 
that there would be absolutely no benefit to her pumping for at least two or 
three more YEARS . . . 

Thanks to being able to read stories like your daughters and Michael's Lily,  
I KNEW that pumping was the right thing for my daughter and was able to 
garner the fortitude necessary to plow through the politics and concerted 
efforts at discouragement so that my sweet Kate got her pump 7 months after 
diagnosis (and two months of that delay was the insurance companies fault! -- 
but I'll refrain from going off on my usual tirade about insurance companies) 
. . .

Anyways, thanks to you and all the parents who take the time to post their 
child's "pump stories" the word IS getting out and in even the last 6 months 
I can see such a rapid rise in the number of kids getting pumps -- which 
makes me so happy because I know just what a blessing pumping has been for us!

Pumpmama to Katie (11, email @ redacted) happily pumping with her Animas pump "Elvis" 
since 6-1-01
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