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Re: [IPp] kids with diabetes, coping and grieving process

Instead of a general social worker, would it be possible to find
someone who specializes in chronic illnesses in children?  Of course
children grieve as they come to understand more.  Andrea went through
a period of aggression and anger when she started kindergarten this
last fall.  She said she was angry that no one else had diabetes.  Her
solution - everyone should have diabetes.  We tried to talk about how
she felt, while addressing her negative behavior.  It took a month or
so, but she is coping much better now.  Our endo also gave us the
names of a social worker and a psychologist who have experience with
type 1 kids.  I plan to look into that for Andrea after the new year.
Good luck!

On Sat, 18 Dec 2004 12:08:14 -0600, Christy Oswald <email @ redacted> wrote:
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> Hi all,
> We are working on getting our seven year old on the pump.  Kiley was
> dx'd in 8/2003 when she was 6, she is now 7 and I am hoping to have her
> on the MiniMed within four weeks.
> Our question:  Do you see your kids grieving over their diagnosis, or
> going through a process as they age?  We are seeing different attempts
> at coping in Kiley, but our social worker keeps insisting that kids
> don't.  I think he's nuts.  We have had a real rough spell.
> Do you find that your kids get different understandings of their disease
> as they grow?  They certainly don't fully understand at the young ages,
> but get to understand more as they get older.  We are looking for ways
> in helping kids cope with all this.  I know that my husband and myself
> both grieve as different stages pass.  Even getting the pump is sort of
> a grieving process, coping that things will not change, hoping for
> improvements and a cure, but knowing that this is what it is and
> threatens our child.  I really believe that our kids go through this
> also, but in their own ways.  Does anyone have any information, books to
> recommend, or your own experiences?  I am so frustrated at the lack of
> it out there, that I would even be very happy to put all the info I can
> get into book form if there isn't one out there - and I certainly
> haven't found it!
> Please email me off list if you would like, or if you have something to
> share with the group feel free.  I am looking for any experiences or
> thoughts that you might have.  I know that I have worked with many
> families over the years in my practice and taught them about the stages
> of grieving, and the cycles that parents of kids with disabilities go
> through.  I think we also do some of that, but I have yet to get anyone
> to admit it.
> I really would appreciate all thoughts and information you may have.
> Thanks!
> Christy
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