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Re: [IPp] Tough one to figure out....

Okay, this is probably left of centre. I am a novice pump mamma so this may
be rot. Reading your mail reminded me of Grace on injections (9weeks ago).
There were fluctuations in her insulin resistance that sometimes made sense
and others didn't, but could still follow a pattern. Grace attends
osteopathy and the osteopath noted that there was a registering in the
tissues of her sites ("trauma"), so we moved to the leg as I could feel the
butt was toughening and numbers were creeping upward too. Changing sites, I
have noticed a difference if it coincides with a bath. My understanding is
that heat affects absorption. Grace has pulled lows on me the nights of site
changes and then reverted to a steady pattern. I have been putting it down
to the "shock" of the site change and that shock often brings her down.
Stress sends her high. The other thought I had about it is that disturbing
the old site may release insulin from the tissues. As of recently,I leave
the old site in for 12 hours, to allow for a failed new site and since
starting that there are less patterns of dropping after change. Will watch
it closer. I had started to relax in my record keeping as we are happy just
now and I'm exhausted but I'll watch it again.
A question that baffles me is where does the unused insulin go? If I normal
bolus something that is slower release and Grace starts going high... I find
myself trying to figure out where the insulin went as she rarely goes low in
I sometimes feel it is the greatest irony that my life is now equations and
reasoning......... I was lousy at math!
Wishing you the best
Mum to Grace pumping Bomba Wanda the bolus fairy 9weeks. Quicksets and 512.
And Brian 9yrs

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Sent: 19 December 2004 02:51
Subject: [IPp] Tough one to figure out....

> Here's a tough one for those of you who like to troubleshoot problems.  It
> may be even tougher to explain than to figure it out!
> I changed Patrick's night time basal rates between 5PM - Midnight about 3
> weeks ago because he was trending up and we were doing a lot of correction
> boluses.  At first it seemed fine, but a few days later he went low after
> dinner, and then still was low all the way until 1 AM.  He needed between
> - 75 carbs to get back to normal.  I didn't change the rate for the next
> night because I figured it was an anomaly.  Sure enough the next two
> were fine.  The night after this, the same thing repeated again!  And
> followed by 2 nights of pretty good readings!?
> I started to see that the trend was always that the low readings occurred
> immediately after a site change.  We usually do it right before dinner.
> a logical conclusion might be that he is having an absorption problem on
> days 2 - 3 after the site change, right?  Well there are two reasons why I
> don't think this makes sense.
> 1. His levels are consistent at all other times for all the days.  If
> his site was "going bad" or wasn't absorbing as much, you would expect a
> trend up during the time he has the infusion set in.  I have tracked this
> and graphed it for the last 6 site changes and there is no such trend.
> 2. There wasn't a significant difference in nightly readings before I
> changed the basal rate regardless of the when the site was changed
> So my conclusion is that it may be the pump, but that doesn't really make
> sense either.  I don't know how the pump registers the new cartridge or
> volume in it, but maybe there is a problem during the first 12 - 16 hours?
> Does anyone have any other wild ideas?
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