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[IPp] kids with diabetes, coping and grieving process

Hi all,
We are working on getting our seven year old on the pump.  Kiley was
dx'd in 8/2003 when she was 6, she is now 7 and I am hoping to have her
on the MiniMed within four weeks.  
Our question:  Do you see your kids grieving over their diagnosis, or
going through a process as they age?  We are seeing different attempts
at coping in Kiley, but our social worker keeps insisting that kids
don't.  I think he's nuts.  We have had a real rough spell.
Do you find that your kids get different understandings of their disease
as they grow?  They certainly don't fully understand at the young ages,
but get to understand more as they get older.  We are looking for ways
in helping kids cope with all this.  I know that my husband and myself
both grieve as different stages pass.  Even getting the pump is sort of
a grieving process, coping that things will not change, hoping for
improvements and a cure, but knowing that this is what it is and
threatens our child.  I really believe that our kids go through this
also, but in their own ways.  Does anyone have any information, books to
recommend, or your own experiences?  I am so frustrated at the lack of
it out there, that I would even be very happy to put all the info I can
get into book form if there isn't one out there - and I certainly
haven't found it!
Please email me off list if you would like, or if you have something to
share with the group feel free.  I am looking for any experiences or
thoughts that you might have.  I know that I have worked with many
families over the years in my practice and taught them about the stages
of grieving, and the cycles that parents of kids with disabilities go
through.  I think we also do some of that, but I have yet to get anyone
to admit it.
I really would appreciate all thoughts and information you may have.
email @ redacted


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