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Re: [IPp]RE:Advocacy - changing nurse practice in the schools

In a message dated 12/17/2004 12:28:50 PM Mid-Atlantic Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> We have a little bit of a similar problem here in New Jersey. While we are
> fortunate that nearly every single school in our state does have a school 
> nurse
> (believe me when I tell you I KNOW how very blessed we are for this) just as 
> it
> is in your state only the nurse can administer glucagon.

We to are blessed with a school nurse, but our school will not allow anyone 
except the nurse even push the buttons on Blake's pump,  they will not oversee 
even with him pushing the buttons.  He is only 5 so we do not allow him to 
 dose without adult supervision. We even had the nursing supervisor on our side.
She wrote the state and was told that insulin is a medication and all 
 medication had to be administered ny the nurse. This also includes his
Our reply was,  that it,  then became the school's responsibility to provide a 
nurse 100% of the time that Blake is at the school.  They have complied.  They 
have to leave another school uncovered and send a nurse to Blake's school in 
the event that his school nurse is absent.  After all if they state only the 
nurse can do it and it is mandatory that Blake be in a safe environment, then 
they have to provide that safety.  Even if it means hiring a nurse for that 
 school. We were told that if there was no nurse employed, then it was allowable
for the teaching staff to be trained, but since there was a nurse, she had to 
be the one responsible.  They have called a few times with unexpected absences 
for a few hours and my husband has gone to school and covered.  He is retired 
thank goodness.  So my believe is that if they require that only a nurse may 
administer this potentially life-saving medication, then it is the school's 
responsibility to ensure that a nurse is present.  Debbie 
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