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[IPp]RE:Advocacy - changing nurse practice in the schools

First off -- I lurk here sporadically so I hope you don't mind my 0.02!

 I absolutely loved your letter. I felt you were respectful, not demeaning.
Clear, well organized in your presentation of your points. I did not find
anything offensive or out of line. I liked how you complimented with out
sounding like you were kissing hiney. I think it is an excellent letter.

 We have a little bit of a similar problem here in New Jersey. While we are
fortunate that nearly every single school in our state does have a school nurse
(believe me when I tell you I KNOW how very blessed we are for this) just as it
is in your state only the nurse can administer glucagon. I have inquired about
this here to see if it can be changed. I have been met with nothing but road
blocks. There is one point that they cannot get passed. The fact that the
glucagon must be mixed before being administered. That is their stickler point
on why it must be given by a nurse. Even EMT's are not allowed to give it...only
paramedics which is why in our state when you call 911 you must specify that you
need a paramedic b/c the EMTs can do virtually nothing for you if glucagon is

 Anyway...I thought perhaps there is one area that you might want to consider
exploring. This isn't something I think you should add to this letter, b/c it is
great the way it is. But this may give you something to use in future arguments.
What is your state's/school's policy regarding Epi-Pen protocals? This is one of
my arguments. In our state, anyone can become an Epi-Pen delegate. Meaning they
can administer it. They go thru special training every year. We have 27 delegate
in our Pre-K to 2nd grade school! Yet not even one of them can be trained to
give glucagon. 2 came forward of their own accord asking if they could be
trained, as well as my principal. Yet we were told no...only the nurse. So in
the event that the nurse is absent, which proposes other issues, or if she is
otherwise occupied noone can help my dd. The state's answer is to call 911.
Let's not even go that way right now. Anyway...I thought perhaps you might want
to explore what your states policy is regarding Epi-Pens.

 I will be looking forward to hearing how your letter goes. I may be calling for
advice, and a copy of the letter! :0)

Hope it goes GREAT!

 Mom to Shannon, 7 in 8 days, dx'd @ 13 months, pumping since 3/01 MM508
(getting the 515 today!)
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