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[IPp] Advocacy - changing nurse practice in the schools


We live in Vernal, UT.  I had the same type of problem with the school
nurse when I started a 504 and wanted to cover the administration of
glucagon to my daughter, Amelia, who was in 3rd grade at the time.  She
had just changed schools so we had a different principal and I had not
done a 504 yet.  I ended up having a meeting with the superintendent (who
I had known for many years), the school principal (who was very
supportive), the nurse (who was fighting me all the way), and the
District representative on policy and procedure (who was worse than the
nurse).  What a nightmare it was.  To make a long story short, what we
ended up doing was bypassing the nurse.  The super decided that,
according to school policy, those in the school willing to be trained to
administer glucagon could be trained by the parent...that the nurse
needed to be kept out of it because of her licensing.  We don't have a
full time nurse in the school either. The school poliicy reads something
to this effect "those treating students in emergency situations and
acting in the childs best interest are not liable..." so this was a way
around the nurse.  It has worked well for us and it spread throughout the
District so glucagon is no longer an issue,  I am not sure if this would
work for insulin administration but it is definately a life saving type
of procedure.

I agree that Utah's schools are in need of some change.  Good luck to

Cheri McCurdy, Mom to Amelia, age 11, D 1-2000 and P 12-2000
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 16:40:59 -0700
From: Natalie R <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IPp] Advocacy - changing nurse practice in the schools

This post will be long.  Let me briefly explain what it is so you can
read it and help me if you are interested.

I have posted several times about issues we had with the school
district.  Many of you know we flew Michelle Rago out here to help us
in our fight to put Andrea's 504 in place.  Now I would like to work
on the next steps.  Currently, schools are not allowed to have a
non-nurse administer glucagon or insulin.  However, we have one nurse
to cover ELEVEN schools, so the end result is that the kid or the
parent must be responsible for insulin administration and there is no
one to administer glucagon - obviously not acceptable.  Our district
nurse is willing to dialogue with me on these issues.  I want her
input to gain the perspective of the medical practitioner so that I
understand all issues when I go to try and work with the legislature
and local groups on these issues.  What follows is my letter to our
district nurse, outlining some of my concerns and asking for her

I want to make sure the letter has the proper tone.  I don't want to
offend her, but do want to make her aware of a parent's perspective.
I want her input and insight.  I want to work together to find good
solutions.  If you have time to read the letter and give me your input
(or let me know additional things I should mention), please do so.
Many of you have already helped me immeasurably on these issues and I
truly value your input.

- -Natalie

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