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Re: [IPp] Pump Paks

Try pump-pouch.com.

We LOVE these.  The horizontal waist packs do not flop
around at all because the pouch is part of the belt. 
We have every pack you can imagine, I've even made
some and this is the best one yet.
We will be buying more soon.


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> In a message dated 12/14/2004 6:23:46 PM Eastern
> Standard Time,  
> email @ redacted writes:
> I know  we've talked about this before...but I'd
> like to ask again....
> My son pumps  using the Deltec Cozmo and has the new
> Cozmonitor attached to 
> the
> back of  it. Our pump came with a nice black leather
> case with a sturdy clip 
> on
> the  back to clip it to the waist of his
> pants...however after a few months  
> the
> clip has loosened up and now the pump turns all over
> the place when he  wears 
> it
> clipped to his waist. I was wondering what you all
> are putting  your little 
> boys
> pumps in? I have just visited the Pump wear inc. web
> site  but all they offer 
> are
> the pump paks that have a strap to go around his 
> waist like a fanny pak or a
> clip that attaches to the belt loop...and I  think
> that with it attaching to 
> the
> belt loop it will bounce all over the  place as he
> runs and plays hard all the
> time...and also not all of his  pants have belt
> loops. Any ideas would be 
> great.
> We really need a good  sturdy pump case that has a
> swivel clip to attach to 
> his
> waist and one that  will not loosen up.
> Thanks so much and I apologize for bringing up this 
> pump pak discussion for
> like the millionth time...LOL!!  :)
> We haven't found anything ideal yet.  Nothing that
> has worked as well  as the 
> clip that came with the cozmo before the cozmonitor
> was added.  My  son is 
>  very active as well and the leather pump case kept
> coming off, the clip is not
> very good.  we ordered both styles of the pumpwear
> cases you  mentioned and he 
> didn't like either one because they were too loose
> and not soft  enough.   
> They are nicely made, he is just very picky about
> softness.  He uses the 
>  sportbelt from minimed (A106BL), which is a soft
> stretchy velcro belt with a
> padded
> pouch - he wears it 24/7 and it survives PE at 
> school.  It keeps the pump 
>  snug against his waist. We have to order a new one
> every three months though,
> they wear out quickly.  I hope Deltec  comes out
> with a clip that works with 
>  the pump andmeter together. I also had him try some
> cell phone cases, with no
> success. If you come accross  something good, let me
> know!! 
> Alida
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