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[IPp] saline start benefits

 I did not mean that the pumper didn't have to calculate their insulin
requirement based on snack carbs....just that the pumper had to remember to hit
the bolus button. On MDI - no shot is necessary for the 2 or 5 gram
snacks....hence no action. Very easy for a new or young pumper to stick a low
gram snack in their mouth and not think about bolusing when first on the pump.
That was my point. That they sometimes forget to hit the bolus button - not
about calculating insulin requirements - based on carb count. Totally forgetting
to bolus was the issue.

Another comment:  not everyone is using this type of pump.  We  opted not to 
upgrade because Jesse does just fine without it.  We do not  enter carbs and 
we do not rely on the pump to tell us...I've heard it's  great...but we like 
Jesse having to figure it out for himself.
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