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[IPp] Re: Animas Inset

It sure is!  We have some boxes on order right now after trying a box.  
They're light years better (IMHO) than the M-M Quik-Sets; the adhesive 
is much better and they're fairly simple to learn to insert.  So far, so 
good, but YMMV.

Dad to Eric, 9.5 y/o, Dx'd 9/25/00, pumping since 5/08/01. (M-M and now 

>Is the Animas Inset available for regular use now?
>We tried their samples, but haven't ordered any.
>Father to Allie.
>4 Years Old.  Dx'd 12/9/2002, pumping Animas since 2/2/2004
>IR1000 2/2/2004 - 8/25/2004
>IR1200 8/25/2004 - Present
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