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Re: [IPp] Saline Start

Grace always suffered from the insulin post injections so I was wary of
saline putting her off the pump. Instead I used sterile water ( my
pharmacist insists that this is more likely to sting as it is less
compatible with the tissues it is entering than saline) Grace felt nothing
on sterile water but Grace does register stinging at the fixed prime and
larger boluses. The greatest advantage to us about saline was having worn it
for a week myself, I felt very comfortable with it. The transition to
pumping was fraught ( for no reason!) so anything that increased our sense
of competence gave us a better chance of success. I liked the way when we
forgot boluses that was all we had to deal with..... I started paying Grace
10cents for every bolus remebered.... having promised same I am now
negotiating a remortgage with the bank manager to try to keep up with her
Mum to Grace 5yrs dx 10.03 pumping 7weeks and Brian 9yrs
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From: "Doug Kealey" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: 02 December 2004 18:26
Subject: [IPp] Saline Start

> I have to say that I disagree with the comment that a saline start is a
> of time for an 8 year old. My daughter is 8 and we just started on the
pump in
> September. We, too, did a saline start. There were several helpful
>  1. Even though we had the pump in our possession for two months, having
> daughter wear the pump and enter all blood sugar information into the pump
> also bolusing whever appropriate helped her and I learn to manipulate the
> much better than we had been able to prior to the saline start. This
> gave both of us quite a bit more confidence in our ability to utilize the
> prior to the actual pump start. This confidence was invaluable.
>  2. During the saline start, we were put on a rigid meal plan that was
based on
> my daughter's normal eating habits. Since we were entering all blood sugar
> information into the pump - and bolusing (correction and otherwise) with
> as well - CDE/pump trainer - was able to down load this information (both
> sugar and insulin usage) and use it to help set basal and insulin to carb
> ratios. I think this information helped give Jennifer a very smooth pump
>  3. I think there is a 3rd reason the saline start is important. When kids
> - they enter all snacks...even a 2 gram snack...into the pump. That is a
> difference from having several 15 gram freebie snacks on lantus. The
> start helped get Jennifer used to entering the grams into the pump prior
> eating a meal or snack. I have read that one of the reasons some children
> higher a1c readings post pumping is that they periodically forget to bolus
for a
> snack or meal. I believe the saline start helped get us into the routine
> bolusing even for snacks.
> This is just my opinion - so take it for what it's worth.
>  Also, Jennifer never once complained about the saline stinging. She has,
> however, said that the insulin stings when the bolus is too big. We have
> adjusted her bolus time to help alleviate this. Would adjusting the bolus
> help reduce any feeling of stinging someone may experience with saline?
> Beth Kealey
>  Mother to Jennifer (8 yr old) - diagnosed 12/16/03. Pumping Cosmo since
> 9/13/03.
> My opinion is that a saline trial for an 8yo is a waste of time. There is
> no positive feedback for the work involved and saline "stings".
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