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RE: [IPp] Saline trial

Allie did a 3 day saline trial before starting her pump.

It helped us to learn what we would need to do once she began using
insulin in it and it helped her become comfortable with it.

It appears that I am in the minority of those who think it was a good

 Father to Allie.
4 Years Old.  Dx'd 12/9/2002, pumping Animas since 2/2/2004
IR1000 2/2/2004 - 8/25/2004
IR1200 8/25/2004 - Present

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My daughter wore a pump for a few days so we could see if she would wear
it.  She hated it, and wanted it off.  Of course, she was still getting
12 shots a day, so what was the benefit.  I dithered for a month or so,
and got a pump anyway.  Once we put it on and she quit getting shots,
she fell in love with it.  She won't take it off now.  I think saline
trials are a bad idea.

Catherine, mom to:
Madeline - 10  Austin  - 8
Emma  - 5  (dx 10/9/02 - pumping Cozmo)
Abigail - 4  Genevieve & Gracie - 2

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I agree with Michael that the saline trial is a waste of time. We
weren't even offered that but would have refused it if we had been. The
benefit the kids see IMMEDIALTELY with the pump - that the saline trial
can't provide - is no more shots and the freedom that provides. I also
agree about the age thing - Sarah was seven when we started and I would
not have given her a choice of not pumping since she is too young to
understand the long-term benefits. You're the parent and you know what's
best - Present the entire process as what WILL BE (as opposed to a
trial) and your confidence will reassure her, whether she shows it or
not. Therefore, like Michael, I see no reason to do the trial. Just dive
in and you'll both do great!!

Pam, mom to Sarah, age 8, dx'd 1/03, pumping Cozmo since 3/04
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