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RE: [IPp] RE: pop-digest V1 #809

I can give you my experience.  My daughter (5 1/2 y.o. pumping about 7
months... ) did a saline on and off for about 3 weeks.   Although, I am a
pump trainer and had the ability to take her on and off saline under the
guidance of her endo... it helped her get adjusted.   I let her assist me in
bolusing and suspending the pump.  We talked about her reservations and the
benefits.  She helped prepare everything for set changes.    I think letting
the child assist in all that they can will help build a comfort level.
there does need to be some insistance from you as the parent.  She did give
me some trouble with set changes in the beginning for about a month, but she
finally accepted how much easier life has been with the pump.  We also had
fun buying pump accessories on line.  It helped build ownership for her...
not sure if this helps - don't hesitate to ask additional questions
though... I will say that my daughter now has offered to help other kids
nervous about going on the pump by showing them hers and showing them how
the infusion set goes in.  It did help that one of my patients (a 6 year
old) sat with my daughter in advance as well.

Thank You,

Keirsten Welch RD, LD, CPT
MP TotalCare, 
Insulin Pump Specialist
Certified Pump Trainer
Phone: 1-800-631-3766
Fax:     1-888-397-7633

-----Original Message-----
From: Rebecca SCHIRLE 
My 8 year old daughter is scheduled to attend a pump class at Children's 
Hospital on Dec. 6 and then start a saline trial with Animas on Dec. 13. It 
has taken us 6 months to get just this far. I am getting a little concerned 
although, because I have heard from Children's Hospital and few parents, 
whose kids have done a saline trial, that many kids hated wearing the pump 
after only 24 hours or less and refused to get one.

What do you suggest I do to help my daughter adjust to the pump during the 
saline trial and be positive about it? I really want to give it a try to see

if we get better control. She is currently on Novolin and Novolog, but her 
blood sugars are all over the place. Any suggestions or stories would be 

Mother of Lynnea, 8 years old, diagnosed at 6 years
Seattle, WA
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