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Re: [IPp] Fw: I am so upset

Wow, this just amazes me that people can ASSUME diabetes can always be
controlled with diet.    I hope you get the training you need for yourself
and your son, personally I would recommend the pump to ANY child.  Good luck
to you.

mom to Stephanie, age 13, dx'd at 4
pumping since 8/11/03 (COZMO)
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Subject: [IPp] Fw: I am so upset

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Subject: I am so upset

I spoke to my lawyer today and was told that the clinic we attend is not
supporting us using the pump with Ben.
We have all the money in the bank to finish paying for the pump.
I phoned the clinic and it turns out that despite the fact the Dr wrote the
script and sent a letter of necessity that the nurse and dietician have
decided to over ride him and will not train us.
According to the nurse a pump is not a necessity for controlling diabetes
their fore at this time they will not train us.
this is bad enough but they chose to tell cps this when they contacted the
clinic about Ben having diabetes.
The exact wording given to my lawyer was that "Ben does not need an insulin
pump he can be controlled with diet."
I have spoken to the pump company and they are looking for someone who will
train us.
Cyndy Mom to 4
Ben 9 dxed June of 02
email @ redacted
ICQ 338 749 555
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