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Re: [IPp] Quick Set Problems

In a message dated 12/31/2003 4:44:27 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
Granted, Stephanie uses the Cozmo and we use 
the MiniMed Quick Set, mostly because it was easy to put in and up until now, 
we haven't had any problems.  It seems like the canula is getting kinked a 
lot easier now, either when we insert it or the day after we insert it, I'm 
sure if she lays on it when she is sleeping or what.  We do have the Quick 
Inserter but she doesn't like it at all, she tends to flinch when we use it.  
Anyone have any ideas??  

When it comes to cannula crimping, it really doesn't matter that you're using 
Quicksets with a Cozmo (My daughter uses quick sets with her Animas pump).  
It's been a VERY long time since we've had a kinked (crimped cannula), but it 
seem likes the few times we've had that problem in the last 2.5 years that 
 she's been pumping, there does seem to be a run of kinked cannulas (say 3-4 in
week, sometimes in a row and sometimes not) and then no cannula problems for a 
long time so, hopefully, this may happen for you, too . . . In case it 
doesn't, here are a fewoptions to consider trying:

1. If you're using the longer cannula quick sets (9mm, I think), switch to 
the short cannulas (6 mm) -- almost all kids and many adults who use the 
 Quicksets use the short cannula version. If you're losing the short cannulas,
 consider trying the longer cannula version (which goes against conventional
I know, but I can remember at least one parent of a preschooler on IP that 
 found that for their 4 or 5 year old, the long cannuled quick-sets worked like
charm and the shorties were a disaster).

2.  Where ever your inserting her sets (tummy, upper hip, butt, leg etc.)  
 try putting the sets in a different place (most people, especially the littlest
pumpers seem to have fewer crimped cannulas if they use the butt or upper hip 
-- but you never know what will work best for you).

3.  Try using some quick sets from a different box THAT HAVE A DIFFERENT LOT 
NUMBER . . . If all of yours are the same lot number, try swapping some with 
your pump trainer/CDE or call whoever provides you your pump supplies   

4.  Try using the inserter (I've heard from a number of people who had 
 crimping problems from hand inserting the quick sets) . . . If she doesn't like
(my daughter, a MUCH older girl doesn't like the sound it makes, even now) 
 consider letting her play with it a bit doing pretend insertions (without a set
it) on dolls, stuffed animals, or other family members etc.   She might even 
do better if you held the inserter in place and let her push the buttons on 
the inserter (during actual insertions -- having some sense of control can be 
 really helpful for kids) . . . and if that doesn't help, consider bribery (I'm
NOT kidding) for letting you use the inserter.

5.  Try using EMLA or some other numbing substance and/or relaxation 
 techniques to help her not tense up on insertions . . . One technique my
daugther used
(for shots) in the beginning was to blow a candle flame for as long as she 
could to make it flicker but without actually blowing it out (but there's lots 
of other things you can use: positive visualization,  breathing exercises, 
other distractions like reciting a rhyme, etc.) . . . Having EMLA helped my 
 daughter through the first few insertions because she KNEW she wouldn't feel

6.  Consider trying another type of set, probably an angled insertion set 
 like Comforts/Silhouettes/Etc. . . . Before you do, I'd suggest that you get
samples for you to try on yourself (so you will KNOW that the big scary 
 insertion needle doesn't hurt any worse than an injection, and often a lot
 AND get an experienced person (a pumper or EXPERIENCED pump trainer) to give
some hands on training.

I imagine you've already tried some of these already -- hopefully you'll find 
something here that might help.  Good Luck

Pumpmama to Katie (13) happily pumping with her Animas pump "Elvis" (and 
Quick-Sets!) since 6-1-01
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