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[IPp] Re: Set/Pump Question

In a message dated 12/31/2003 8:27:45 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
What kind of problems have you had with the Cozmo?  We are on our second
pump since October.
 I know you didn't direct this at me Natalie, but our 1st Cozmo had a system 
problem.  We changed the battery because the alarm was going off and as soon 
as we did that, we got this message saying something about a system error just 
accured please contact Deltec.  We did and had  a pump the next day.  However, 
the grey one we had, the face was peeling.  The Ice Blue one I noticed, the 
 pad is smooth, they aren't raised like they used to be, hard to get used to but
I do like it better.

Cheryl, mom to Stephanie, dx'd @ 4, pumping since 8//11/03

"Faith is to believe what you don't yet see, the reward for this faith is
to see what you believe."
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