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[IPp] Re: Set/pump Question

In a message dated 12/29/2003 9:09:35 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
How old is Stephanie?  If you decide to try using the Serter, I would see
if you can borrow one and try it out.  If Stephanie ends up NOT liking
it, you won't be out the $$$.  Good luck!

PS - Didn't they have problems with the Ice Blue Cozmo (light
exposure/insulin problems or something like that???) and have to make
some changes to the casing itself?  I think the waiting list is QUITE
long.  When we got our pump in early October, they weren't even ready to
start shipping.  I think new colors will be available soon... maybe with
the new release in January?
  Stephanie is 12 1/2 and has a heck of a time inserting the Essential in by 
hand.  She either goes too deep or not deep enough, basically it terrifies 
her.   We have ordered products from both Deltec and Minimed, we use the Quick 
Sets right now.  I'm wondering if I could return the unused Deltec Essentials 
and order some from Minimed??  I have no idea.  We actually just got the Ice 
 Blue pump today!! I called Deltec yesterday and I told him that the face on her
ugly grey one was peeling (this pump is ONLY 4 months old!) and I said we were 
waiting for the Ice Blue pump since Sept.   So they immediately shipped one 
out to us, its much nicer, the pad area is flat, which is nice, hard to get 
used to but it works.  :)

Cheryl, mom to Stephanie, Dx'd @ 4, 12 1/2 today!!

"Faith is to believe what you don't yet see, the reward for this faith is
to see what you believe."
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