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Re: [IPp] Set/pump Question

I am waiting for a patch site from simple choice.  Has anyone heard
anything about when they will be available???


Deltec is focused 100% on getting out their Cozmore (pump/meter combo) -
due out beginning of January.  It seems to me that they are doing NOTHING
else at this time - unfortunately.  Hopefully, you will get a better
response soon...

You can use the Minimed Silhouette sites instead of the Essentials.  They
are the same except for the part of the site that locks into the
Sil-Serter.  Do you get supplies directly from Deltec?  If so, that could
be a problem.  Our supplies distributor told us you could use the
Sil-Serter with the Essentials by just holding the Essential to the
Serter (rather than locking it in) but this seemed like much more work
than just inserting it by hand.  If you go through a distributor, just
get the Minimed sites which work fine with the Cozmo.  I have read of
several on this list who like using the Sil-Serter.  FYI, our pump
trainer highly recommends that people do NOT use the Sil-Serter.  For
many, that device is more frightening than the site itself.  Also, our
pump trainer saw people with huge bruises who used the serter but did not
get the angle quite right (even after they were taught correct
technique).  They are to be inserted quite shallow.  When we used
Essentials, we would insert them by hand without the serter (although I
have a serter).  We are not using Essentials anymore, as the site of the
needle was too traumatic for our 4-year-old and we had some site issues.

How old is Stephanie?  If you decide to try using the Serter, I would see
if you can borrow one and try it out.  If Stephanie ends up NOT liking
it, you won't be out the $$$.  Good luck!

PS - Didn't they have problems with the Ice Blue Cozmo (light
exposure/insulin problems or something like that???) and have to make
some changes to the casing itself?  I think the waiting list is QUITE
long.  When we got our pump in early October, they weren't even ready to
start shipping.  I think new colors will be available soon... maybe with
the new release in January?

-Natalie Rodgers
Mom to Andrea 4 (dx 1/28/03, pumping Cozmo 10/2/03),
             Alicia 2, and Carlos 7 months
Married to Tom for over 7 fabulous years
Salt Lake City, UT

On Mon, 29 Dec 2003 16:58:22 EST email @ redacted writes:
> Hello everyone!!  :)  I have a question about the Cozmo Essential 
> infusion 
>  set. We found out there is a Sil Serter for this type of set, its 
> very cool and
> I think Stephanie would use the Essential if we got this little 
> device, 
>  problem is, Deltec said that it won't work with their Essentials, 
> the Serter is
>  made by MiniMed. I'm wondering if any of you happen to use this 
> device. Deltec
> said they are "working" on something similar to this.  The sets look 
> the same 
> to me but obviously they aren't.  Also, is anyone else on the 
> "wating" list 
> for the Ice Blue pump??  I swear, we've been waiting for this thing 
> forever, 
>  I'm thinking perhaps Deltec needs more people or something, 
> customer service is
> terrible!!
> Cheryl
> mom to Stephanie, dx'd 11/95, Deltec since 8/11/03
> "Faith is to believe what you don't yet see, the reward for this 
> faith is
> to see what you believe."
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