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[IPp] Re: Hard living Diabetes update


While I hope this is a false alarm for you....

If it isn't, you will be SO much better able to deal with it than you 
were for your first child's diagnosis!

One thing I will suggest however is that, if your daughter is diagnosed 
as diabetic, that you decide VERY QUICKLY whether you want to 
participate in one of several clinical trials that are ongoing for 
NEWLY DIAGNOSED type 1 diabetics.  Because type 1 diabetes is (usually) 
an autoimmune disease, there is some hope that, if caught VERY early, 
it could be possible to slow or halt the progression of the disease.    
This is NOT yet anywhere near standard of care - but the biology of it 
makes sense.

There is a government-sponsored list which should include every 
clinical trial ongoing in the US, at:  http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/
Just search for "type 1 diabetes".  You will note that MANY of the 
trials are only for NEWLY diagnosed type 1 diabetics - within a month 
of diagnosis.  The list will give you a contact person for further 
information about any of the trials that might interest you.

Best wishes.
- Maria
pumpmama to 2-y.o. Sigrid, dx'd @ 11 mos., pumping since 17 mos.

On Sunday, December 21, 2003, at 02:59 AM, pop-digest wrote:

> Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2003 15:02:39 EST
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IPp] Hard living Diabetes update
> Hi everyone
> Today I have some very bad news. Remember my 11 year old daughter that 
> just
> told me, on Thursday, she was scared of getting diabetes? Today she 
> woke up
>  sick. She had a tummy ache, and it hurt when she pees. I took her to 
> the Ped.
> DR did a urine test to look for infection, but found sugar in her urine
>  instead. I have called our Endo, and she need to be seen right away 
> on Monday,
> but
> for now we have to do blood sugars test, 6 x a day, and check for 
> Ketones. If
> numbers or ketones start to raise she will need to be admitted.  
> Alyssa and I
> are both a mess. She is taking it very hard.
> Gina, mom of Justin, 3 years old, pumping.        Alyssa, 11 years 
> old,  pre
> Diabetes
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