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[IPp] FYI: Have Look at IP

Pumpers and Friends,
    Have You Look at IP Site??? There are many great tools and information.
Have you take the time to look at the site or to visit sites of the
Companies that support IP... send them a Thank You for their support of
Insulin Pumpers.

On the main page is a link to Companies that support IP....  link for alll
the pump makers...link about  AIRLINE SECURITY RULES Traveling with Diabetes
Supplies and Equipment...  link for 10 chat rooms... Search link...

    Do you know how the History of Insulin Pumpers??? It began operating
this web site and support forum in September of 1997. The list membership at
that time was 12 and has since grown to 4368 individuals and families. Once
upon a time, all administration and maintenance was done by a single person,
now it it handled by a team of 58 volunteer writers, web developers, mail
administrators, chat organizers, and medical advisory board members in
several languages in numerous countries around the world. Insulin Pumpers
continues to grow rapidly, with total membership increasing by 50 to 100 net
new members each month. This has meant new resource requirements and
expenses. At the present time, Insulin Pumpers needs money to help pay rent,
utilities, internet access charges and other expenses that help support this
site. Your contribution will help with these expenses and help us to
continue to bring the best possible support to you and the other children
and adults who must deal with diabetes on a day to day basis every day of
their lives.
    I would like to thank the other members of that being group for being
friends and part of the support group that became IP... Glenn Yoder.. hope
you are well. Jim Lieb... Deirdre Maislin... Bob Burnett... Rosealind (Roz)
Mincher... Linda Ferguson... Carolyn Allen and me(Rodney Mead) all still
member of IP... missing in action are Vici Baker... Tara Hart... Susan
May... Scott Fischell... Number 18 was Lily Robinton... written by her
dad... Michael Robinton... who when on to put together the site  you know as
Insulin Pumper's. If it was not for this group and the other 58  people who
work daily to keep IP the site would be gone. I hope everyone who can
support the site do and if you can't please take the time to thank the
people who run the site.

    Each link on the main page takes you to more and more information ....
have you check out the LINK page?  ... new links and info... did you see...
the Insulin Pumpers PUMP Comparison  and Insulin Pumpers PUMP Reviews
pages... There is A Lot of Info on the webpages... there are How TOO....
links to Books..(PLease use IP's link so part of the sale goes to help
support IP) ... a page of pump doctors... to many things to talk about in
just one e-mail. So...............

                    REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY
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contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org