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RE: [IPp] Cole's A1c...

Hi Rachel,

 I'm glad to hear of your son's A1c. My daughter was just recently 5.9. I had
the same experience that you did. They wanted to get a social worker for me
saying that it was too much testing. But, Haley does testing on her arm and she
really doesn't mind it. I always watch for signs of stress with testing. The
district nurse for the school district (no experience with D) was calling our
endo and complaining about it and that's why trouble began. Tell me more of how
you use the averages from the meter. I use a written log.


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 ...was 6.0 today! Down from 7.9 three months ago! I am happy yet scared... I
feel this is too low for his age (5.5) & his Endo & CDE told me to "back off".
 They feel I have OCD (have obsessive compulsive disorder) and that I stress
 his BG's too much (i.e. we check too much). I told him that is crazy... it
me bout 10 minutes every 4 days to adjust his basal & bolus & that is all it
takes. After I showed him how adjust off the One Touch Ultra meter averages
(glucose analysis <enter> average by time of day <enter> 7 days), he backed off
& was impressed. He told me that when I become a RN/CDE I can't micromanage
patients like that.... I said, Duh.
 The Endo just asked me how I was doing in school (got an A+ in psych!!!) &
wants to know when I graduate so he can hire me... LOL!
Thanks for listening, 

Rachel - email @ redacted

Jesus is the reason for the season!  

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