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Re: [IPp] Re: Up date on Alyssa

Everything will be fine and if she is dxd then you know what it is not the
end of the world and you wills survive. You have to be strong. You may not
think you can handle it but you can. Yeah its going to be hard on her and
very hard on the one who already is cause she is going to feel like she gave
it to her or she had something to do with it. But you have to tell them its
not the truth. You are a great mother and you will come through it if it is.
But you know what we don't have to worry about it cause she is fine. and if
you have any doubts just remember...At the hardest times in your life God
will carry you and you will wonder how you made it. God won't put anything
on your shoulders that you can not bare. It took me a long time to realize
that meaning. I do now and I hope you do too.
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> Dear Gina,
> I hope that things turn out well for your daughter.  You never know.  When
> was trying to get Claire on a pump I was in e-mail contact with a mum
> other daughter (non-DM)  was ill and she tested her and found a high bg.
> course the mum was devasted.  She was thoroughly tested out at the
> and didn't have DM.  They just told her that sometimes during illness bgs
> are elevated.  It just isn't usually noticed in families without any
> about such things.  Lets hope this is the case for your girl as well.  But
> if its worse, be brave.  You are a great mom, and you WILL be able to
> it.  Even though I don't personally know that many families with DM kids,
> many of the ones I do know in person have two kids diagnosed.  They have
> joked about mixing up the insulin doses between kids.
> Best of luck tomorrow.
> Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
> <<No, DR didn't send her urine out. I hope that's all is. I couldn't
> 2
> with D.>>
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