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Re: [IPp] Hard living Diabetes update

> Hi everyone
> Today I have some very bad news. Remember my 11 year old daughter
> that just told me, on Thursday, she was scared of getting diabetes?
> Today she woke up 
>  sick. She had a tummy ache, and it hurt when she pees. I took her
>  to the Ped.
> DR did a urine test to look for infection, but found sugar in her
> urine 
>  instead. I have called our Endo, and she need to be seen right away
>  on Monday,
> but
> for now we have to do blood sugars test, 6 x a day, and check for
> Ketones. If numbers or ketones start to raise she will need to be
> admitted.  Alyssa and I are both a mess. She is taking it very hard.
Sorry to hear this news. If her bg's are high and she has keytones, 
you should take her to the ER and have your endo meet you there. If 
this is not the case and your endo is happy with her bg's, it is 
unlikely things will change much unless she ingests carbs -- don't 
forget the Atkins diet :-) .... we can eat no carbs quite nicely, 
certainly until Monday. In any event, pancreas cells don't die quick, 
it takes time -- that's what the honeymoon period is all about which 
takes anywhere from many months to a couple of years.

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