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[IPp] Cole's A1c...

 ...was 6.0 today! Down from 7.9 three months ago! I am happy yet scared... I
feel this is too low for his age (5.5) & his Endo & CDE told me to "back off".
They feel I have OCD (have obsessive compulsive disorder) and that I stress over
his BG's too much (i.e. we check too much). I told him that is crazy... it takes
me bout 10 minutes every 4 days to adjust his basal & bolus & that is all it
takes. After I showed him how adjust off the One Touch Ultra meter averages
(glucose analysis <enter> average by time of day <enter> 7 days), he backed off
& was impressed. He told me that when I become a RN/CDE I can't micromanage
patients like that.... I said, Duh.
 The Endo just asked me how I was doing in school (got an A+ in psych!!!) &
wants to know when I graduate so he can hire me... LOL!
Thanks for listening, 

Rachel - email @ redacted

Jesus is the reason for the season!  

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