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Re: [IPp] The horror of prednisone-Help???

Hi Stacey

Sorry to hear that your family is sick. Last month Justin came down with 
 croup, and was put on Oral Prednisone. I started Justin on the Prednisone as
as I got home around 2pm by that night he was in the high 300. I though his 
b/s were up cause he was sick so I raised the basal. I didn't know Prednisone 
raised b/s. Any way, by the next day Justin was in the 500 all day even with 
 corrections. Poor baby, I even did 2 site changes cause I didn't know. Any way
finally call Endo told him he was sick and taking meds. When I told Endo he 
 was taking Prednisone, Endo told me to triple basal and check b/s every 2
and I did. Justin b/s came down, but he did have a few lows, but not to bad. 
Hope this helps.

Gina, mom of Justin, 3 years old, pumping 
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