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[IPp] Hard living with diabetes

My daughters are Jill 11 & Jianna 14. Jill is diabetic 4/02. Jianna was so
scared when her sister was diagnosed. Of course everything changed. I am a
stay at home mom and for the first time in her life she had to stay with her
Aunt and have someone else care for her why I was in the hospital with Jill
and dad worked. When we came home I was overwhelmed. I felt as though I was
dumped at the door to manage a disease I knew nothing about and this little
kid was in my care. I truly thought I would kill her. I was afraid of
everything. The needles, the meter, insulin etc. So afraid I would make a
I bought every book I could find and searched every web site  to learn as much
about diabetes as possible. I also started fund raising, selling stuffed
animals, walking and attending every diabetes related function /fund raiser I
heard of. All well and good but did I mention I have a 14 year old NON
 I forgot too!!   One day Jianna was unusually nasty to me and her sister. I
tolerated it as long as I could but she wouldn't let up . Finally after a
screaming match where I said "Don't you think we have enough to deal with
around here with out you being so nasty" She turned and ran to her room in
A while later I went up to talk to her and to my amazement i found out that
she was scared too. She thought her sister might die. She was afraid she was
going to get diabetes and she said all we ever do now is diabetes stuff.  My
heart was broken. I held her and we cried for a long time. But since that day
diabetes does not rule my life. I have Two children that need my attention and
love and I am going to be sure they get it. It was a hard lesson to learn but
my children are teaching me thing's all the time.
They fight and argue and some days you would swear they hate each other and me
but that's just being kids. They are treated the same now, both treated with
love and respect. Jillian my require a bit more of my time now and then but
she does not require more of my  love & attention.
Lori J
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