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Re: [IPp] The horror of prednisone-Help???

This is the time of year when e all see sickness like no other time it
seems. Prednisone is one of those drugs that cause nightmares for many.
For Patricia, I don't play around with high numbers. If she is running high,
I give her what she needs to come down to a decent area of controls. We feel
comfortable doing that now after 12 years of diabetes and 2.3 years of
pumping. For Patricia, we know she has some insulin resistance to start with
and so usually it takes .05 on her pump for every number (Canadian)we want
to drop. Buy the Pumping Insulin Book  or borrow one and see what they say
about adjusting insulin during sicknesses and meds. It really helps to learn
that book and use it to your child's advantage. He is a smart kid to know he
needed more insulin. He also was smart enough to know maybe giving him it by
needle would have been better for that time. I do that often if my child is

Hope you all get well soon as this flu bug has sure hit alot of folks and
been bad.

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