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[IPp] The horror of prednisone-Help???

I woke up this morning with a terrible cold.... runny
nose , sneezing etc...  Jesse had a 10:40 appt with
the ped pulmonary Dr.  By the time she saw us it was
11:15...   We got out of there  at 12:30 - went to
have blood drawn to see if his cough is being caused
by allergies , or mycoplasma ( walking pneumonia).
Then went to have xrays.. of his lungs, sinus's,
adenoids and neck(air passages)..  By the time we got
home it was 2:15 and I had to go to the pharmacy to
pick up more freakin prednisone.( he's taking 20 mg.
2x a day) 
Gave him first dose at 3ish...  By 6 he was 407... I
corrected him ...  7 :00 - he's 415...  gave him
another 1.5 units....  At 8:30 he's 476 !!!!(Thank god
no ketones... Yet...) The pump(Cozmo)  says no
bolus...  but I gave him another unit anyway..  . The
pump doesnt understand prednisone...  Jesse runs into
the D drawer in the bathroom and gets a syringe and is
begging to get a shot.I tell him wait til he hits 500
and we'll change his site.( It was changed this
afternoon and maybe it wasn't good???) Meanwhile he's
playing with the syringe... filling it up and
squirting me.... My neighbor walks in and is mortified
that I'm letting him do this... I'm sick as a dog... 
my 16 year old has 102 fever ....and all I want to do
is climb into bed......   
Jesse just checked againn  its 10:00 pm and he's 370..
gave him .5 , and I'll see what happens... 340 at
My CDE suggested that I just increase his basals while
he's on prednisone ... but I feel more comfortable
just correcting...  I mean I'd probably have to double
his basals to cover the amts. that I've been
correcting....  and if I'm wrong, then he'll
any suggestions are welcome.....

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