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re: [IPp] hard living with diabetes

From: email @ redacted
"Mom there is nothing really bothering me, but it is kinda hard to live with
someone with diabetes".....Has anyone gone though this with there Non D kids? 

Hi, I have 3 kids, 2 non-D, ages 13 boy & 10 girl, and our youngest, Luke, 9,
was diagnosed just before he turned 5 years old.  So we've all been living w/
this for over 4 years now.  Your daughter is right - it is hard living with
someone with diabetes!  We remind our kids that it's even harder to be the one
living with the diabetes.  For all the times that they miss out on candy,
having donuts around (those fat-sugar bombs are just horrendous to bolus for),
being late to stuff because we had to deal with a low or change an infusion set
due to a high, Luke misses out on being free of the disease for any moment in

That said, we do try to make some "non-D" time for them, usually on outings
with either me or my husband.  If it's a one on one time, we let them be free
of worrying about diabetes.  Time with their friends is a great way to be
"normal" again.  They remember life without diabetes more than Luke does.

Most of all though, we all acknowledge how much we hate diabetes...but not
Luke.  We keep the disease very much separate from him, because we all adore

A couple of the books that are out have helped my non-D kids see the diabetes
perspective to - "Sugar was my best friend" and "What Kids w/ diabetes want
their parents to know".

And pumping thankfully has made life more flexible for all of us!

Best wishes,
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 9, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01 & to Trevor 13 & Kate 10

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