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Re: [IPp] hard living with diabetes

Oh Morgan that made me cry your kids are so unselfish. Not many kids I could
think of that would do that.
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Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2003 3:16 PM
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> A bit off the main subject, but relevant.
> Our Endo, nurse, & dietician all recommended we look into a pump for our
> little one (3 years old, dx'd 12/9/2002) at her last checkup and sent us
> home with 3 tons of materials to peruse.
> We watched the videos, read the material, checked out the websites,
> surfed the net for reviews, and finally settled on a pump manufacturer.
> We sent in our insurance info only to find out that insurance only
> covers $1,000 of the estimated $4,700 it would take to get her the pump.
> Application to the Diabetes Trust Fund was approved, but they only match
> the insurance payment, leaving a deficit of $2,700.
> My wife and I were talking to our other kids and mentioned that we would
> not buy presents this year and would put that money towards the pump.
> Expecting complaints galore, I was shocked when, after only a slight
> hesitation, they all said that was fine with them.
> When it came down to it, they all realized that the pump means more than
> any presents ever will, and were willing to forgo their wants for the
> health of their little sister.  Even once we told them that we were not
> serious, they've kept their Christmas lists to a minimum.  I believe
> they think that if they ask for stuff, it will prevent us from getting
> the pump.
> What they don't realize is that on 1/1/2004 my new insurance company
> covers Durable Medical Equipment at 100%
> I've not had one of my kids express to me that they resent the diabetes,
> so I don't know how you feel, but I believe that kids do know that the
> diabetic child isn't getting more attention because they are loved more,
> simply because they require different attention.
> I've been blessed with wonderful children who seem to understand what
> Diabetes is, but I believe I, too, need to step back and look at how it
> may be affecting the others.  I like the idea of a day out with the
> other kids, 1-on-1.  I think I'll find some way to incorporate that into
> our routine...
> Morgan
> Father of Torrie (11), Jon (9), Elizabeth (4), and Allie (3), dx'd
> 12/9/2002.
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