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RE: [IPp] hard living with diabetes

A bit off the main subject, but relevant.

Our Endo, nurse, & dietician all recommended we look into a pump for our
little one (3 years old, dx'd 12/9/2002) at her last checkup and sent us
home with 3 tons of materials to peruse.

We watched the videos, read the material, checked out the websites,
surfed the net for reviews, and finally settled on a pump manufacturer.

We sent in our insurance info only to find out that insurance only
covers $1,000 of the estimated $4,700 it would take to get her the pump.
Application to the Diabetes Trust Fund was approved, but they only match
the insurance payment, leaving a deficit of $2,700.

My wife and I were talking to our other kids and mentioned that we would
not buy presents this year and would put that money towards the pump.
Expecting complaints galore, I was shocked when, after only a slight
hesitation, they all said that was fine with them.

When it came down to it, they all realized that the pump means more than
any presents ever will, and were willing to forgo their wants for the
health of their little sister.  Even once we told them that we were not
serious, they've kept their Christmas lists to a minimum.  I believe
they think that if they ask for stuff, it will prevent us from getting
the pump.

What they don't realize is that on 1/1/2004 my new insurance company
covers Durable Medical Equipment at 100%

I've not had one of my kids express to me that they resent the diabetes,
so I don't know how you feel, but I believe that kids do know that the
diabetic child isn't getting more attention because they are loved more,
simply because they require different attention.

I've been blessed with wonderful children who seem to understand what
Diabetes is, but I believe I, too, need to step back and look at how it
may be affecting the others.  I like the idea of a day out with the
other kids, 1-on-1.  I think I'll find some way to incorporate that into
our routine...

Father of Torrie (11), Jon (9), Elizabeth (4), and Allie (3), dx'd
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