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Re: [IPp] hard living with diabetes

No, I have to happily say, I haven't had your problem.  My son is grown 
and married,
and my daughter - now 11 - was diagnosed at 17 months.  I never had to 
balance the attention
demanded for the diabetes child with the other kids.  However, I grew up 
with 3 other sisters,
and many times felt left out - other sisters more "special" than I for 1 
reason or another.  It is so
hard.  All I can say is she is 11 and going on 16 - so NOW is the time 
to truly bond with her,
not later.  Rachel and I are close right now - but I dread the days when 
she resents my insistant
attention (test, did you bolus, how much did you eat?????????)  I can 
say though, that sometimes
talking to another who actually has to go through it - especially one 
her own age - may help her
realize that it's not easy - and that she really doesn't want the "extra 
I feel bad, cause Robin's 11 year old daughter is wanting a pen pal with 
someone going through
the same things as her - and our daughters are the same age - so it 
would be perfect- but, it seems
that every night we just don't get around to taking the time to go get 
on the computer and say hi...
Life is too short, and I've promised that over the holidays, we are 
going to do that!  
(Robin, I know you're reading this, so that's why I sent it to you too!)  
Anyway, if ever your daughter would want to write or exchange emails, 
just let us know.  
Honestly, I think after some time, she will think she's the lucky one.
Diabetes is tough - and so is celiac - but I'd rather be battling those 
2 diseases - than cancer...
Hang in there.
Merry Christmas
Cathy in Kansas, Mom to Rachel 11, dx diabetes 9/93, celiac 1/02, 
pumping 10/02

email @ redacted wrote:

>Hi everyone
>I am a little sad today, and need to vent. My oldest, Non D, daughter is 11 
>years old, and lately we are not getting along. She has been very nasty with 
> me, and talks back all the time, and doesn't listen to anything I say. If I
>her to do something she deliberately does the opposite. OK, last night I had 
 >it with her, and after we had a BIG fight I sent her to her room, and told her
>she was not allowed out until she writes me a letter explaining why she is 
>acting this way with me. I told If she has a problem I want to know so we can 
>try to work it out. In her letter she gave me she said "Mom there is nothing 
> really bothering me, but it is kinda hard to live with someone with diabetes"
 >Now my heart is breaking. How do I address this? I can't take Justin Diabetes
>away. I wish I could, but I can't. Has anyone gone though this with there Non 
>D kids? 
>Gina, Mom of Justin, 3 years old, pumping
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