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[IPp] Changing Endos

Chemere writes:
<<I am changing docotrs in Jan. she has an appointment with a new endo and i
hope it goes well cause that is the first thing i am going to ask about.
----- >>

Is there any way you can ask them about their opinions on pumps before you
go to the appointment?
We moved overseas to get my Claire a pump, with great sacrifices made by
other members of the family for this.  When we finally saw the hospital they
hummed and hawed and finally said no pump after writing me before we moved
that she would be considered.   Our paediatrician also was not supportive.
Then I spoke with the Minimed sales rep, who had a good list of doctors
within a 400 km radius that were starting kids on pumps.  I called up the
nurse myself at a hospital (our doctor refused to send a referral) and asked
if we came there, could she start on a pump, because otherwise I wasn't
going to bother wasting my time.  Of course they couldn't say yes without
seeing us first, but the indications were good.  At the first appointment
the lovely endo said "why not?" and wrote out the paper for insurance
coverage.  Claire was the 9th pumper started by this team.  HbA1c dropped 2
full points in the first 7 weeks of pumping, and during this time period my
daughter had major surgery done as well ( I wouldn't have had the surgery
done without a pump, as control with injections post-surgery just wasn't
possible).  The doctors can't argue with that HbA1c result!

When my daughter had the surgery, the Endo that refused us the pump was the
one assigned to her care.  I was able to gloat a bit at her and tell her how
great things were going.  Still haven't forgiven that endocrinology unit at
Canada's largest and supposedly best Children's Hospital.

Good luck!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9, dm for 6.7 years, pumping 2.7 years
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