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[IPp] re: Basal Lead Time

Hi, we make the change to basals about 1-2 hrs. ahead of time we're trying to
effect, based usually on 3 days to establish a pattern.  The only time we
change it faster than that is if we're already responding to a change, and know
what direction we need to move in.  For example, my son this past week has been
running low at 10:30pm, so we're changing his 9-11pm basal rate, and if we
don't see his #'s coming up in another 2 days, I'll adjust that basal rate down

Also, our general rule (and one our endo requests) is to only make 1 basal
change at a time.  My son, 9, has about 7-9 basal settings for the day, which
the endo supported especially when his HbA1C's hit below 7.5 consistently. 
Anyway, I won't make another change to the evening or night basal until we
figure out this adjustment - unless he starts running low at another time also.
 Sometimes we only wait for 2 days for a "low" pattern before responding,
especially if it's a low that occurs during school time.  

Good luck!
Shelly V., mom to Luke, 9, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01, MM508 + Novolog + Sils

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