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[IPp] Re: pop-digest V1 #502

  I had not really posted yet for lack of time and just
not taking the time to figure out how.  I have been
reading the digest and saw a few post that caught my
eye.  First off the bat I will tell you some about us. 
We are a family of 4(myself Tenna, dh Dev ds
Jacob(Jake)12 dx 7/8/2002 and ds Andrew 8) We have been
pumping since 7/2003 and so far love it.  We do not
have insurance and were able to aquire a 507 mm.
Actually 2 of them.  We use the soft-set and have never
had any problem with a site.  We also use Novalog.  I
would love to talk with Trena whose post I have
followed because our sons are so close in age and have
the same name.  From what you have described we go
through a lot of the same issues.  
I was also reading the post on the new flash meter.  We
got one and love it.  We are not so much for testing on
the arm or anywhere else.  Not because of accuracy
issues, which there are. But, just because Jake does
not really like testing anywhere else.  We went to our
doctor on Fri.  It was fun because none of them had
seen it yet.  My son relished but yet was a little
embarrassed by the attention of it.  We really like the
back light and the light on the strip.  We travel a lot
in the car and it was always a hassle to check blood in
the dark.  We also like not having to take the meter
out of the case and the 7 sec reading.  Granted it is
not 5 sec like the ultra one touch but we can handle
the two sec delay.  We also like the fact that it uses
the same strips as the other freestyle.  We did not
have to change the whole family.  I have a lot of
family members who are type 2.  My dad and
father-in-law both only check about twice a week. 
Therefore we get the extra strips.  This is a big
help!! Well, I suppose I have gone on long enough. 
Just thought I would jump in!

God in His goodness sent the grapes, to cheer both 
great and small; little fools will drink too much, and 
great fools not at all. - Anonymous 
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